• The Quilters strive each year to make as many quilts as possible for those in need.  Our ministry is to provide what is needed to those who need it most.

Aside from the Cornerstone Mission and those who have received quilts, God's people at Bethlehem have reached out financially, prayerfully, and in physical assistance to places and people such as Rainbow Bible Camp, sister churches and other organizations in need after natural disasters, seminary students and missionaries, and more.

At Bethlehem, we love sharing God's love and grace with everyone, in any way we can!    

For more information on a specific ministry group and how to get involved, call Pam at (605)343-2011.

Here at Bethlehem we strive to serve our members, the community, and the Lord in many different areas. We also want our members to have the opportunity to serve, learn, and grow in their faith and in fellowship with one another through these different groups.

If you would like to involved in any of these areas please email us at bethlehem@rushmore.com or call the church office at (605)343-2011 and we'll get you connected.


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