Pastor Josh

When I’m not at church or visiting someone in our church family, you might find me at home spending time with my family. If I’m not there, don’t bother looking for me because I’m probably at the lake fishing with my family or hunting something with Noah in the beautiful Black Hills! Jamie and I cherish spending time together wherever and whenever we can. I also enjoy cooking, taxidermy , reading,  gardening, catching bugs/creepy crawly things (with Noah), writing (I've published two outdoor devotion books and recently finished my doctorate), or reading with Noah and Zoe.

We do quite a bit of traveling for Zoe's medical care.  We have daily challenges in caring for Zoe as well as giving Noah the attention he needs. We're often physically and emotionally exhausted. Yet in the midst of all of it, God has beckoned (sometimes screamed at) us to rely only upon his grace and mercy found only in the crucified and risen Jesus Christ. Our family here at Bethlehem has been extremely supportive and understanding of our challenges and do everything they can to walk with us on this difficult and wonderful journey. Even though so many things are different than our expectations, we are well taken care of and content in God's all-sufficient grace. 

Since 2005, our family has been through many ups and downs. My wife, Jamie, and I were blessed with our first child in 2007 Noah. In 2009 were blessed with a second child, Zoe.  But Zoe was born extremely prematurely (25 weeks) and was subsequently diagnosed with moderate/severe hearing loss and a very unique and very severe form of cerebral palsy. She is extremely intelligent, loves books, movies, and singing, however, she has no control over her body and it fights against her every waking moment. Our lives have been turned upside down since a wonderful way. (Click here to read more of Zoe's story.)

I'm Pastor Josh Jones. I've been serving the good people of Bethlehem in Rapid City in some capacity since the summer of 2005.  When we first arrived, we immediately felt at home because of the wonderful people in this place. 

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